Life Serve Youth Foundation (LSYF) was founded in 2015 to provide a transformative summer tennis camp program for youth with limited financial means. The founder, Adam Slone, was inspired to start LSYF because of his own experience as a child. Adam was born with Gaucher’s Disease, one of the rarest genetic diseases in the world. He experienced delayed physical development and as a result, he was much smaller than kids his age and was unable to play contact sports. At age 14, he began his journey with tennis and immediately found a sport he loved.

“The tennis court became a place I felt safe.”

Fortunately, Adam was eventually able to earn a tennis scholarship to attend college. Adam learned a lot from this experience. He gained self-confidence, from years of practice and the experience of winning and – perhaps more importantly – losing matches.

Playing the game of tennis transformed my reality.”

He wanted to give youth this same opportunity he had and so, the Life Serve Youth Foundation was born. The vision of Life Serve has remained consistent: to provide children with limited financial resources with the opportunity to explore their passion for tennis and offer a pathway for personal growth.

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