Life Serve Youth Foundation enjoys partnerships with many tennis organizations in the northeast region. These groups work with us to ensure that teens from their programs are able to experience what we have to offer. These organizations include:

  • A Better Chance
  • City Parks Foundation
  • 15 Love
  • Franklin Park Tennis Association
  • Highland Park Tennis Association
  • Junior Tennis Clinic
  • Kings County Tennis League
  • Lee Community Tennis Association
  • Lincoln Terrace Tennis Association
  • New Haven Youth Tennis
  • New York Junior Tennis & Learning
  • Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center
  • Tenacity

Are you interested in becoming one of our youth partners? If so, please contact us at

"Our players have a rigorous school and practice schedule throughout the whole year and look forward to the experience of getting out of their regular routine. Most of the campers have little exposure to outside of their neighborhood but LSYF camp opens up the world for these children. For many of our Boston teenagers, LSYF camp is the first sleep away camp they participate in and thus the experience plays a crucial role to their way of becoming independent young adults. By the time they enter college, both students and their parents will be confident that they can make good independent decisions. LSYF nurtures individual talent in a team environment. They bring the best out of the campers while having fun in a safe environment."
-Marton Balla
Director of Tennis at Sportsmen’s Tennis and Enrichment Center