What Happens at Camp



Three hours of on-court daily instruction by top trainers in the industry will bring Life Serve
campers from good to great. This means that our kids have to already be fit, have enough
tennis experience, and demonstrate a hard-core commitment to go for it!


Life Serve Tennis Fundamentals

• Warm-Ups & Stretching

• Strengthening Your Serve

• Skills & Drills

• Effective Net Play

• Fancy Footwork

• Coping With Failure

• Finding Your Strengths

• Sportsmanship & Camaraderie

• Goal Setting

• Enjoying the Game



Healthy eating feeds the body, mind and soul. Visits to a local farm, cooking classes, and nutritional education are the backbone of Life Serve’s health curriculum. Campers learn how to make better choices and gain an understanding of the impact that food has on their bodies and the environment.



Life Serve’s program is designed to increase awareness and understanding of our environment. Campers will be exposed to nature walks, recycling, reusing, and repurposing. This is a great opportunity for inner city kids to enjoy nature.



Campers are expected to be punctual, demonstrate good personal hygiene, clean up after meals, and engage in team-building activities. Through respecting themselves, the grounds, and others, kids will learn more about themselves and the world around them.


Fun & Free time

Playing recharges the spirit. Life Serve challenges campers to explore new fields. In free time, certain Camp Eagle Hill recreational activities will be made available, for example: basketball, floor hockey, lacrosse, soccer, softball, baseball, volleyball, golf, hiking, mountain biking, martial arts, gymnastics, climbing tower, bouldering wall, zip line, swimming, boating, fishing, chess, theatre, dance, photography, video, cooking, crafts, ceramics/sculpture, drawing/painting, computers, archery, go-karts, ping pong, and air hockey. Free time activities may change and are subject to availability.


Two days per week will be dedicated to excursions, such as visits to parks, museums, cultural events, and sporting events.



Kids will have a first-hand experience of philanthropic giving through our Life Serve Give Back Program. Each camper’s enrollment contribution will be combined into one large pool. A group-oriented process will decide which worthy Columbia County organization should receive this donation.



Learning how to play fair is an important lesson kids gain from participating in sports. Life Serve tennis coaches will work with campers to show them that athletes can win with humility and lose with pride.